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Göttinger Spieleautorentreffen - Game designer convention Göttingen
2011 logo stadt goettingen

Wir sind am 2. und 3. Juni vor Ort - We will attend the convention on the 2nd and 3rd of June            

Andreas wird Euch gerne an den Tischen besuchen. Anita wird vor allem am Samstag den Tisch hüten.

Andreas will visit you at your tables. Anita will mostly be at the White Castle table (particularly on Saturday).


Wir sind am 3. April wieder im Haus - We are back on the 3rd of April             

Wir wünschen Euch entspannte Osterfeiertage. - Relax.

Spielt's ein bisserl was!   - And play somthing good.

(Der Autorenstammtisch ENTFÄLLT am Ostermontag.)

 Reprint of Mosaix by Christof Tisch at Mandoo Games 01. März 2018
Mosaix Mandoo

only available in Korea (for now) 

Being true fans of Christof's dice game "Mosaix", Andreas and I were really excited that Christof trusted us with his game.

And we have already found the first partners for a reprint. It starts with Mandoo Games for the Korean edition.

More countries coming soon...

Don't Panic Convention 2018 23. February 2018
DPC 2018 BlackJacky

It's the DPC again! 

While Anita was present in Haar, Johannes was testing prototypes at the wonderful "Don't Panic Convention".

Of course we also brought some goodies for the Charity raffle. Some of our goodies were playtested in previous DPCs. 

for Example: "Black Jacky" (by Johannes). Apparently the game makes people happy. 

Foto: Don't Panic Convention

Board games & Haar 23. Februar 2018
ortsschild haar bayern

More than 20 games in less than one day! 

This year we found the time to attend the game designer convention in Haar. 

Unfortunately it's impossible to check out all the games and speak to everyone. But among the game ideas I saw, I liked several. Let's see how long it will take us to get them published... 

White Castle Box at the wienXtra Spieletage in the City Hall 7th February 2018
Spieletage Rathaus2018

6th and 7th of February 2018 

Like in the previous year, the wienXtra Spielebox hast provided us some space at their "Game Days" event in the beautiful City Hall of Vienna. 

We have provided our authors' latest releases as well as some unreleased prototypes for testing. And the feedback was great!

Meet us at the Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg 29. Jänner 2018
Bildschirmfoto 2018 01 29 um 13.05.03

31. January - 6. February 2018 

Arrange an appointment with us!

We'll be hopping from meeting to meeting during the whole fair. 

Enjoy preparing for Nuremberg!

Novelty "Black Jacky" (Ravensburger) 29. January 2018
BlackJacky Box 20784

by Johannes Krenner

High Noon in the Saloon.

Includes Billy the Cat, Pocathontas and Dancing with the Mice


A great card game, not only for cat lovers!


Novelty "Brabble" (Noris)  29. January 2018
Brabble606101706 3 004

by Jörg Domberger

A word game.

But this time, it includes bluffing.